Are you ready for telephone interviews?

Telephone interviews used to be used as a quick screening call by HR professionals before inviting a candidate in for a face-to-face interview. Well guess what? In today’s difficult job market, telephone interviews are taking on a new role and job candidates MUST be prepared.

I read a great article on this topic in the WSJ and highlight a few key points below:

·         Telephone interviews are taking place by hiring managers-these are IN-DEPTH interviews and not screening interviews.

·         The same goes for recruiters who are using this tool to ask in-depth questions that would have typically be asked in later interviews.

·         Be prepared to answer question about your full work history, giving CONCRETE examples of accomplishments, value-add to the organization and your strengths.

·         Know your Personal Brand (what’s unique and compelling about you) and don’t be afraid to let it shine during the interview, as this may be your only opportunity to do so.

·         Have a clear, concise and well articulated answer to the question “Why were you laid off?”

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