Do you have your success stories and accomplisments ready? Have you practiced them? 

If not, you might want to reconsider preparing them before you go on an interview. Today’s artcile in the Career Journal highlights that the majority of firms are using behavioral interviews as part of the screening process. Behaviorial interviews are based on the theory that “past behavior predicts future success“-success in past roles is a predictor that the candidate will do well in the future.

Sucess is demonstrated through accomplishment-based storeis. It is up to the candidate to tell stories in the interview that highlight the challenges that were facing them, the actions they took and the results of their individual or team efforts.

This is today’s quote from Career Journal

“Being able to explain how you handle challenging work-related situations is becoming a common hurdle for landing a job. More than three-quarters of roughly 2,500 human-resources executives polled recently said their firms conduct behavioral interviews, using questions like: “Describe a time when you. dealt with a particularly difficult customer.” The survey, from global consultancy Novations Group, also shows that nearly a quarter of respondents plan to use the technique more often.”

Source: Career Journal 1/25/08