Since Carol McClelland will be joining us on the blog on March 18th, I thought I would share my opinion of her recent book Green Careers for Dummies. When Carol sent me book,  I was really eager to review it, not only to increase my own knowledge, but to also provide information and tools to my clients.


In the book, Carol does an excellent job setting the reader’s expectations about employment within this sector. She reminds readers that the sector is in its infancy, that it is growing quickly and that job titles, job descriptions and career resources are still in flux. I found this expectation setting to be very helpful.


For individuals just starting out their exploration in this green economy, Carol provides numerous exercises and assessment tools to help the job seeker narrow down their green focus and interest in the green economy. (Check out the related article on our blog


The book has a vast overview of the sub sectors within the green economy, including environmental science, natural resources, alternative energy, green building, green manufacturing, smart grid, transportation etc.  For each sub industry, she includes industry trends, websites, and resources for further exploration. Even though there is a lot of information, it is well organized so it can serve as your “green encyclopedia” for future reference.


At the end of the book, Carol offers advice on how to move forward with your job search once your green goal has been narrowed down. This section includes information on training and education, networking and volunteer opportunities.


In summary, this book provides one-stop shopping on how to explore a green career and is a must have for anyone considering a career in this sector.