I recently read a great article by William Arruda on the top branding trends for 2011. Arruda, the founder of Reach Personal Branding, came up with some trends that I thought were great, and I wanted to share them with you.

Arruda identified 11 trends and the best techniques for building your brand. He also found video to be a major factor in almost half of these trends. Among his major points is that companies will hire the best candidate, no matter where he or she is located. So, video can be a great tool here for any candidate.

Homecasting from your company’s home office, video mail instead of e-mail, and more video conferencing, even for those who work from home, will be big trends, too, according to Arruda. So, how does this affect your personal brand? Well, Arruda sees companies looking to help improve personal branding efforts for key employees that will assist in their advancement.

Companies will be initiating their own personal branding training programs. And, a multimedia approach to personal branding will be replacing the current system of a variety of personal branding efforts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. In other words, quality will supplant quantity.

It really will be a “brand new world” for personal branding. And, these new trends for 2011 will just be the tip of the iceberg. Here is the link, if you would like to read the entire article: