Breaking Into Your Dream Industry

Most of us have thought about what their dream job would be, but getting to that point takes some work. The dilemma occurs when you think you know what your dream job is, but don’t think you have the skills to reach that goal. Yet, many dream jobs are attainable, and there are some logical steps that you can take to help you get your foot in the door.

You should start out by taking some self-assessment tests-either online or with a professional associate or a career counselor, mentor, or with a career coach. The results should help confirm your choice of a dream job. If they don’t, they may lead you to a career or profession in which you would excel. Once you have identified your direction, here are four steps you can take:

  • 1. Education. Working toward a master’s degree or professional certification, or taking courses, classes, or seminars can give you the educational background to use toward landing that dream job. And, working toward a degree or taking classes will significantly assist your candidacy.
  • 2. Association. Joining a professional association in your prospective field or attending professional conferences or seminars will give you a taste for your new field, help you make new contacts, and add professional associations to your resume.
  • 3. Volunteerism. Volunteering is a great way to gain exposure to your new field, and to meet new professional associates. You’ll be able to use this volunteer experience on your resume, and you might make the contact that will open the door to your dream job.
  • 4. Networking. You’ll be able to do a lot of networking through educational or professional development or through volunteering activities. Within a short time, you should have a group of professional associates who can help alert you to openings in your new field and guide you through the process.

Once you have taken any of these steps-or even better, a combination of education, professional associations, volunteering, and networking-you will be well on your way to stepping into that dream job of yours.