bring-2016-goals-life-vision-board-2A new year calls for new resolutions and goals aimed towards self improvement. But with our chaotic lives and daily priorities, how can we make sure our hopes for the future don’t become forgotten?

The law of attraction states that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, a person brings those exact experiences into their life. So by that logic, concentrating on the positive aspects of our goals should help us achieve them.

With the help of a vision board, the law of attraction is activated, meaning your psyche is programmed to attract what you desire. Vision boards provide frequent reminders of your goals and dreams and helps keep positive messages in your mind, which can alter your demeanor and set your priorities straight.

Here’s how to create a vision board that’s unique to your goals:

Take Your Time

Our hectic lives are often the cause of us losing sight of what we truly want, so rushing through the process of creating a vision board will defeat the purpose of the exercise. You should take your time determining what to feature on your board. Use this project as a form of relaxation and reflection and really start to understand what it is you truly desire.

Get Specific with What You Want

Your goal may be something straightforward, like a desire for more money. But try to be more specific on your board. Keep these example questions in mind when thinking of your goal:

  • What will you do with it?
  • How will it help you?
  • How will it make you better?

Adding specific phrases like “money for retirement” or “pay off my car” will help you stay on track with the ultimate meaning of your goal.

Make Your Board Personal

bring-2016-goals-life-vision-boardAttach images, words, affirmations or phrases that are meaningful and inspirational. This board is a form of expression for you and you alone, so artistic talent is not a requirement. If you gravitate towards cluttered images, make your board just that. You’ll be looking at this several times a day, so make sure it’s something you’ll enjoy seeing.

Put Your Board to Use

Keep your new vision board somewhere that you will see it regularly. This could be on a nightstand in your bedroom, or even somewhere public like your office. The location of your vision board is dependent on your level of comfort, but make sure it’s placed in an area you visit frequently throughout the day.

Also be sure to spend time visualizing the goals that are on your board in the morning and evening. The visualizations first thing in the morning will stay with you throughout the day and time spent visualizing before bed at night will influence your subconscious while you sleep and help you begin each new day with your goals in mind.

bring-2016-goals-life-vision-boardUpdate Your Board

Since it will be something you look at frequently throughout each day, don’t let it go without being updated. Keeping your board the same will cause it to eventually fade into the background and go virtually unnoticed. Update your board as your goals change, or even just refresh the images every now and then


A vision board is a great way to kick off the new year and make sure your resolutions don’t drift away from you. Make sure to follow the tips above to ensure your board and your goals are on track for a happy 2016!


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