The Challenge

Michele spent 20 years as a Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach.  Although she loved her work, she felt that there was something else she really wanted to give more attention to.  She had been fitting art into her life in between her professional commitments. Now it was time to make art her full time job! Michele wanted to integrate her professional skills of coaching and teaching into her new work in art.  She turned to Randi Bussin to help her think through a strategy for holding collage workshops in her new art studio.

The Solution

Randi guided Michele in envisioning her ideal work life: how much time she would devote to her own art and how much time to running workshops.  They looked at her financial goals, and Michele and Randi discussed her vision for this next chapter of her life.

In the second phase of this Career Reinvention work, Randi and Michele developed a business and marketing plan.  This included the financial aspects of the business as well as updating her website, writing marketing literature, and creating a social media marketing campaign.  Michele created a Facebook page with Randi’s help, and developed email lists to have regular contact with her potential audience.

The Results

During her work with Randi, Michele launched the first group of collage workshops.  They were well attended and got great feedback from participants.  Michele is satisfied she has the right balance between making art and teaching.  She especially loves introducing people with little or no art training to the wonderful process of creating.

To see the results of this career reinvention work, go to Michele’s website:

“Randi is very supportive and so knowledgeable about career reinvention and launching a new business,” said Michele. ” She provided a step by step plan for me to follow to get my workshops off the ground.”