Don’t rule out older experiences, community service, or volunteer roles for your career change résumé. Review every possibility from your life and professional experience that could showcase the skills and experience you want a prospective employer to see.


One example is: Working on a board of a nonprofit and doing fundraising and development work can help show that you have good sales or client relationship and negotiation skills.


The same works for taking professional development or training classes or seminars. These will supplement your professional experience and show a hiring manager that you are sincerely interested in and committed to this new profession or industry.


And community service can work great to supplement your résumé. By engaging in community service work, you will show commitment, compassion, enthusiasm, and the ability to collaborate with a team to accomplish goals and objectives.


Altogether, if you have volunteer, professional development, and community service experience to add to your résumé, you will show a prospective employer that you will be a dedicated worker who strives to be the best.