Bragging a bit is a key ingredient of résumé writing, whether for a career reinvention or not. Your achievements tell the story of who you are, what motivates you, and how you have added value to previous employers.


Your résumé should be populated with strong achievements and success stories that demonstrate the various skills and attributes you would bring to a prospective employer for a new job or industry. If you are staying within your industry, your many achievements will be applicable.


It you’re looking to change your industry, or job function, you need to do more work. First, you must develop your career achievements or career success stories, but then translate them into a language that a hiring manager in a new field can understand.


When thinking about how to accomplish this, I suggest that you follow the Problem, Action, Result (PAR) format and construct your stories as follows: First come up with a problem your company faced, then describe the actions you took to solve the problem. And, finally describe the results of your efforts.


But, doing so in a more generic way shows your new company or industry you can adapt to their culture and help solve their problems.