What are keywords, and why are they important when writing a career change résumé? A keyword is the foundation for how hiring managers search for and identify candidates in résumé databases.


When writing a résumé for a career reinvention, you want to be sure that your résumé is sprinkled with keywords that are relevant to your career goals and how you want to be perceived in the employment market.


Keywords should be included in the summary section at the top of the résumé. You also can include them in a bulleted format in a separate section about your competencies, strengths, capabilities, and professional qualifications.


So what exactly are some good keywords? How about : client relationship management, negotiation skills, relationship building, cross-functional collaboration, time management, or new product and service launch?


Some of these are applicable to many types of jobs, some aren’t. But, the point is you want to use the keywords that will work for your new industry … keywords that will catch a hiring manager’s eye and land you that new job.