Before you write your résumé for your career reinvention, you must do your homework. That means you must do your research, online and offline, about the industry, the company, and even the potential hiring manager you might encounter.


That way, you can understand the skills and competencies your new industry or company is seeking. And, it will help you learn the language of your new field. One way of doing your homework is through informational meetings. During these sessions, you can ask about the key skills and competencies they consider to be the most important for your new role or industry.


Another method of doing your homework is to locate several job descriptions online for roles in your new industry or job function. Review them and make a list of what the companies and/or hiring managers are seeking.


You also should read professional publications and/or blogs to get a better feel for your new industry. You will then begin to understand industry jargon, and become more familiar with some of the challenges faced by the industry.


Once you’ve completed these steps, you’re ready to write your new résumé.