Cleantech Industry Predictions

The cleantech industry is definitely the wave of the future. More business, more investment, and more jobs are likely to sprout from this industry as the country and the world look toward a more environmentally conscious way to do business in the future.

While the economy is still bumpy, and gains in 2010 are expected to be slow, the cleantech industry has some high hopes. Chief among them are investment opportunities. Recently, I read an article by Nicholas Parker, executive chairman of Cleantech Group, about what to expect from this sector in the coming year.

Among his predictions, Parker suggests that global investments, including venture capital funding, will continue to increase in 2010, and top the levels of 2009, which was a good year in this area. He sees the number of investors, nationally and globally, to continue to increase.

The building of clean economies is expected to be the next “space race,” as countless companies begin to compete for the investments in this field. Continued political support for cleantech industries also is expected to help increase business and create new jobs.

Of course, nothing is ever perfect. And, there are predictions of expansion in the cleantech industries creating an increased demand in metals, oil, and food, causing price hikes in these areas. Also, an increase in proposals for land- and ocean-based wind and solar farms might generate public and political opposition from local residents, and even environmentalists, that could slow or kill these projects.

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