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DIY + Coaching Personal Branding Program

coaching-diyYour Personal Brand Shapes Your Career

So, make sure you control how others perceive you! Whether you are climbing the corporate ladder, running your own business or a busy consultant or executive, you need to demonstrate to your managers, clients or peers exactly who you are, what you offer and the value you bring to the table.

Hard work got you to where you are today, but to propel yourself to that next level, you need something extra – that undeniable, differentiating something that attracts attention and creates an emotional connection with your reader.

Personal branding isn’t something you put on every morning. It’s a genuine way of being. It’s you, when your strengths, talents and ambitions are all aligned. It’s the story you tell, even before you’ve walked through the door.

If you are looking to raise your visibility, develop your authentic leadership style and increase your earning potential, you need the insights, tools and guidance to develop your unique personal brand.

The DIY +Coaching Program is Right for You If…

You’re launching your career, you’re a rising leader, small business owner, consultant or executive. If you’re busy, want the flexibility to understand and express your brand at your own pace, but still want the 1-to-1 support of a master brand strategist, then the DIY Personal Branding Program is right for you.

You are…

  • Looking for a more focused approach to advance your career
  • Needing to build or improve your professional reputation
  • Wanting to turn heads and create an impact

If you are looking to invest much more deeply in executive branding or have more intensive 1-to-1 coaching support, this program might not be for you. (Check out our VIP executive branding program).

DIY + Coaching Program Overview

wkbooksThis powerful and practical ten-module online program packs a one-two punch with on-demand video coaching by William Arruda, dubbed the “personal branding guru” –by the media and clients alike. The video coaching is complemented by custom career/branding self-reflections exercises developed by career strategist and personal branding expert Randi Bussin. You also get six hours of dedicated 1-to-1 coaching with Randi, supporting you throughout the program.

Together these two foundational elements of the DIY + Coaching Personal Branding program will help you:

  • Understand personal branding – what it is and how it can propel you to the next level
  • Clarify your professional goals, vision, purpose, values and passions
  • Ensure you attract the right clients/career opportunities based on what you learn about yourself
  • Develop an effective personal branding strategy and implementation plan
  • Get clear on who you need to influence, why and how you’ll reach them
  • Gain deep insights into how you are perceived by different audience groups and what they find so compelling and differentiating about you
  • Turn your value proposition into a compelling brand pitch and bio
  • Create brand communications plan to increase your visibility
  • Craft a powerful, persuasive digital presence, with a focus on LinkedIn
  • Build your network, enabling you to connect with your tribe

The DIY + Coaching Personal Branding Program blends the best of adult learning:

Videos help define the process

Videos help define the process

10 On-Demand Videos – Highly engaging, personal brand guru William Arruda walks you through the key concepts of personal and online branding. This visual teaching method ensures that your learning “sticks”, enabling you to apply your personal branding knowledge and insights to your daily work life.

Custom-Developed Exercises – Designed to trigger aha-moments and thought-provoking self-discovery, these activities and exercises will help you get clear on your own strengths, goals and so much more. You’ll learn how others perceive you and develop an action plan to take control of your personal brand.

Six Hours of 1-to-1 Personalized Coaching – These deep-dive sessions with Randi are split into 10 modules. Each module is meant to help you further reflect on the custom-designed exercises, digesting what you have learned. The 1-to-1 coaching supports your progress as you develop your personal branding and online identity plan, and is flexible enough to adapt to your unique needs.

Are You Ready to Shape Your Future?

This truly comprehensive program is an excellent option for people who want to work on their personal brand at a pace that is comfortable and fits in their busy schedule. Contact Randi to if you are interested in learning more details about the program outline and agenda.

Investment $1999

“The personal branding assessment and coaching I received gave me new ways to think about myself and how I uniquely add value, as well as affirmed some of the assumptions I had about myself. I not only have the confidence that comes from self awareness to position myself, but I’m now able to tell one consistent story about my brand instead of floundering each time I’m asked to pitch myself.”   

Career Changer