Research can be the key element to the success of any project. It is essential to do your homework and be prepared to ensure the best possible results. This also is true for your career reinvention.


You must engage in self-reflection, and career brainstorming to dream up new possibilities. Then these phases must be followed up by some serious career research. Here are some helpful hints on how to perform this due diligence.


A good place to start is the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) at All you have to do is type in the field or job function you want to research into the search box and explore the information that comes up. This site will give you information on: the nature of the work; training and other qualifications required; employment trends; job outlook; earnings and wages; and related occupations.


Another good site is O*NET, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, at This site will give you information on: tools and technology; knowledge; skills; abilities; work styles and values.


Also, good for research is to review professional association websites. You can just do a simple Google search under your desired career to find some websites for professional associations. And, and can provide important information on careers and industries.


And, don’t forget professional publications. These magazines, newspapers, journals, and online reports, newsletters, and blogs can help anyone seeking to enter a new field.