Engineering, Computer Degrees Are Opening Doors


Thinking of reinventing yourself or finding a new career? If you are mathematically inclined or science oriented, engineering is the way to go. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, four of the five top-paying jobs for this year’s college graduates are in the engineering field.


Another area that looks promising is in high tech degrees, where computer-related positions also placed twice in the top five. Here are the NACE study’s top five highest-paying jobs for college graduates, and their average starting salaries:


1.     Petroleum Engineers – $83,121

2.     Chemical Engineers – $64,902

3.     Mining Engineers – $64,404

4.     Computer Engineers – $61,738

5.     Computer Science – $61,407


The need to fill these positions has been driven up by the global economy and the desire by global corporations to add more employees with engineering degrees. So, at least for this year, the message is clear: Engineering and computer-related degrees will help you go places.


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