Executive Branding Program

As an executive, you recognize that today’s constantly changing marketplace requires you to stay ahead of the curve. Your job search is no different and it is becoming more competitive by the day. Even with a strong leadership background, you’re vying for the same prized career opportunities as other high-performing leaders.

The good news! You already have the ability to compete and perform at a high level. You’ve worked hard and you know you possess that certain something—that particular combination of skills, talents and experiences that got you to where you are today.

Now, you need to help others see it too. In the hidden job market, you need to clearly and quickly stand out as not just any hire, but the ONE they absolutely can’t live without. You want them to understand exactly who you are, what you offer, and what you can do for them. Ideally, you want THEM to pursue YOU, rather than the other way around.


Want More Impact? Think Executive Branding

Your secret weapon in the job search? Aspire’s! Executive Branding Program. This program helps you tell a compelling story about what you bring to the table—it breathes life into your lackluster networking, a stale bio, a flat resume or a ho-hum LinkedIn profile that otherwise sit idle on the web.

With Aspire’s! Executive Branding program, you get laser-like clarity about who you are, what makes you unique, and how to show your ROI. The bottom line is: you’ll stand out from your competitors in an over-crowded marketplace and attract the executive opportunities you want.

This Executive Branding program was developed by Randi Bussin, a seasoned career coach and personal brand consultant who hails from corporate America and who has a strong background in business and consulting.

Randi was one of the first ten coaches worldwide to receive the Master Certified Personal Brand Strategist designation from Reach Consulting. Following this certification, for 10 years she served as an external Executive Coach and Personal Brand consultant for PricewaterhouseCooper’s worldwide partners. Randi is a professional coach helping C-level and senior level executives find their next dream role that keeps their career progressing and their personal brand growing.

Designed for executives, consultants, and entrepreneurs, the Executive Branding program is based on more than 10 years of experience with hundreds of clients. It is a comprehensive and customized high-touch program that leverages brand assessments and qualitative data that propels executives forward.

Randi will personally work with you side-by-side to understand your career story, refine your career goals, extract your key brand messages, create your career documents, and help you differentiate yourself in today’s digitally-driven marketplace.


Executive Branding Program Overview:

If you’re looking to have more influence, more impact and more joy in your work, your life and your community, Aspire’s VIP Executive Branding program will help you to:

  • Get a laser focus about who you really are, what you need to be happy and fulfilled, how you want to live your life, and how you want to contribute to the world. 
  • Become more aware of (and more comfortable with) your unique talents and authentic leadership style.
  • Gain clarity about the influencers and target audiences who need to know you. And then find the executive or board role that is the best fit for who you are and where you want to go.
  • Attract exciting new leadership opportunities (they come to you!).
  • Develop a social media and thought leadership plan to extend your brand, grow your network, and increase your visibility. 
  • Develop an executive portfolio with undeniable appeal and drawing power for the people who need to know you. This includes branded career accomplishments, a resume with an emphasis on differentiation and ROI, a highly compelling pitch, and a comprehensive LinkedIn presence. 



  • Command a higher total compensation package.
  • Take charge of your career and easily decide whether or not an opportunity is aligned with your goals and if it reinforces your personal brand.


The Executive Branding Program is Right for You If…

You’re innovative, cutting edge, and ambitious. Most likely, your career journey has taken some interesting twists and turns, and requires non-linear storytelling. As a busy senior executive, you don’t have the time to take on creating an executive brand by yourself. 

You are looking for more career/life fulfillment and better career opportunities, either moving into a role with greater impact, expanding your leadership presence, reaching that last career pinnacle for yourself, finding that “final few years” kind of role, or downshifting (but not retiring). 

You’re hoping for more visibility, more control over your future, a higher total compensation package, and/or more flexibility for the things you enjoy about your life.

You are willing to make an investment in you – your career, your life, your world. Clients have told us that the Aspire! Executive Branding program is the kind of process that pays off not just in the job search, but in their career by giving them insight into their leadership style and leads to better relationships, too. 

When you’re clear on your talents, you enter the job market (or the boardroom) with more confidence, courage and resiliency. 

Contact us today for a complimentary call about our VIP Executive Branding program and how it can help you confidently compete for your next leadership opportunity.

As a brand marketing executive, I’ve built my career on understanding how to communicate what makes a brand unique and do so in a way that is visible and relevant. In the world of push vs pull marketing, its about pull and creating demand. Randi’s Executive Branding program helped elevate my brand and create demand for me. 

It’s no surprise that when I found Randi, her perspective on executive branding was music to my ears. She got me and I got what executive branding could do for my career. I spoke with a lot of executive coaches before finding Randi. Randi is different from the rest because she has credibility through her own successful executive career, extensive training in personal branding and she was incredibly saavy in how to leverage social media to build my personal brand, grow my network and increase my visibility. 

Randi is super smart and guided me through a thoughtful results-driven process to get me clear on my skills, talents and experiences and how they combine into my unique brand. Armed with this, I have been able to uncover opportunities in a hidden job market that before was simply that – hidden.   

For me, as a busy executive who needs to make every minute count, each minute spent with Randi was pure gold..”

Business Owner