Executive Job Search Program

Executive Job Search Program

It might not surprise you to hear that, as an executive looking for a new job opportunity, you’ll likely only hear about a tiny fraction of available executive roles. Executive positions typically come on and off the market quickly, and many of them are filled without ever becoming public. 

Even when a job is public (through an executive search firm or advertised), the competition is fierce, and you’re up against other executives who also have great experience and skills. And, with most executive positions not being listed, success in the hidden job market can ultimately boil down to your executive brand and online presence.

Executive branding is a powerful way to position your unique leadership style and elevate yourself well above your peers who have similar credentials. Done well, it can help you tap into a world of hidden job opportunities.


Own Your Brand. Find Your Next Career Move.

To own your executive brand, first you need to define exactly what makes you stand out. Then, you have to be able to articulate your differentiation to hiring executives/board members and others who might refer you to new opportunities. Once you’re clear on your standout brand qualities, you’ll build/enhance your public profile and establish yourself as a thought leader. 

Only by raising your visibility will you be able to showcase your credibility and attract influencers who can open doors for your next career move. With your external and internal brand aligned, you’ll become the leader that people want on their team. This brand alignment and authenticity helps you shine when consulting projects, board roles, industry presentations and key partnership opportunities emerge. You’ll begin to attract previously hidden job opportunities to yourself, becoming the candidate of choice for plum roles. 

Executive Job Search Overview

At Aspire!, we have a proven process to bring out your very best with precise clarity, and then integrate that into a successful career vision. We support you with go-to-market implementation and materials, followed by executive coaching.

Our Executive Job Search Program involves 4 phases:

1.Personal Brand Clarity & Visibility: We begin by working with you to get a firm understanding of your professional reputation in the marketplace. Then we discuss how you would like your reputation to evolve in the future. Through a rigorous 360 brand analysis, we uncover and leverage qualitative data to determine your key differentiators, key brand messages, and value proposition.

2.Strategic Career Vision: Armed with the insights from Phase 1, we will work together to establish your career goals and direction. Side-by-side we will develop a comprehensive job search strategy, identifying key priorities in roles, industries, ideal corporate culture and compensation. We will also address key barriers that will get in your way of success in the job search and how to proactively side-step them. You’ll use Aspire’s decision-making rubric to help make more strategic assessments of potential job opportunities.

3.Go-to-Market Materials: Using your brand analysis and directed by your career goals, we will coach you on how to create an executive résumé and LinkedIn profile that are compelling and attract opportunities to you. You’ll learn how to create branded materials that are searchable and highlight your strengths—and gets results fast! Your coach, Randi Bussin, is a professional trained resume writer and Master Personal Brand Strategist and has been writing career documents for over 17 years. She will guide you through the writing process, or you can have Randi ghostwrite these branded materials for you.

4.Executive Coaching for Impact: This ongoing job search support consists of three key types of coaching:

a.Job Search Guidance: You’ll learn how to successfully position your brand and thought leadership across all channels to increase your visibility and to uncover and attract opportunities in the hidden job market. To ensure you attain your goals, you’ll get insider tips and strategies to better implement a multi-channel job search and networking strategy. You’ll discover how to attract interest from recruiters and executive search firms, as well as techniques to showcase the very best version of yourself during interviews. And, because you’re a busy executive, you’ll also have a system and coach in place to hold you accountable.

b.New Role Integration: Once you land your new role, seasoned executives often find they can benefit from a strategic sounding board. Our coaching program helps you quickly navigate and understand your new environment, assess your new team, and set your leadership direction.

c.Leadership Coaching: Through ongoing coaching support and check-ins, you will continue to hone your authentic leadership style. You’ll be empowered to lead from a place of confidence and inspiration. You will continue to evolve your personal brand to create deeper experiences with your peers and help create opportunities for yourself, the people you lead and your organization.


The Executive Job Search Program is Right for You If…

You’re looking for new opportunities that are challenging, fulfilling and are aligned with your personal values. As a busy senior executive, you know you have to increase your impact and influence, but may not know where to start. You are…

  • Ready to start exploring your next bold move. It may be a new job, or something completely different, like consulting, volunteer, interim work, or a board seat. 
  • Willing to commit to a proven process and work through each phase with a strategic career partner.

If you’re ready to get started, contact Randi today to arrange your complimentary consultation. We’ll talk about your current career situation, job search process, and explore whether we are a good fit to help you attract your next executive role.