Find yourself online and monitor your online identity


In my work with my clients, I am finding that many clients are relying exclusively on their resume to propel their job search. In today’s job market, especially given the increasing competition from recent layoffs, THIS IS NOT ENOUGH!!! You need to have a well thought out and articulated online identity. Recruiters and prospective employers research the Internet to dig up information on you prior to even considering you for a job.


If you’re sending out numerous resumes and getting a poor response rate despite your fabulous accomplishments, then I suggest you (1) get a handle on your current online presence and then (2) work to enhance your online identity.


Step One: Find Yourself Online and Then Monitor Your Online Presence

Considering how important your online brand is, you should know what is being said about yourself. You don’t want to be caught off guard during your search.


Google makes it very easy for you to do this. Set up a Google Alert on your name, which allows you to monitor any new information about you that comes online. (Go to to use this feature).

This alert acts as an automatic search agent for the criteria you provide, and allows you to receive quick updates by email of any new information that appears on you on the web which contains your name.

You can also just Google yourself to see what existing information is already out on the Internet. Here are some helpful tips on how to do this:


  1. Put your name in quotes            “Randi Bussin” or Randi S. Bussin”
  2. Take the quotes out and search again                Randi Bussin, Randi S. Bussin
  3. Search all of your e-mail addresses and phone numbers
  4. Search your name and company names. (past and present)
  5. Type your name and your zip code. Your name and your home phone. Your name and your city