You finally landed an interview at one of you’re “A” list companies, and now you really need to do your homework to get ready.

One of the best sites I have found for doing company and salary research is Glassdoor. Glassdoor launched in 2008 to provide job seekers an inside look into jobs and companies.  What is neat about Glassdoor is that they are an online portal that provides free 360 degree feedback on what it’s really like to work at a specific job in a specific company – all based on those who really know what it’s like to work there – the employees themselves. 

Here are some of Glassdoor’s free tools offered to help job seekers make more informed career decisions:

Company Reviews: Job seekers can find out what’s working well and what needs improving at a specific company, by reading company reviews shared by employees and recent employees of specific companies. This allows job seekers to really understand what employees like, and don’t like, about working at a specific company.

Salary Reports: Job seekers and current employees can find out how much money they might earn in a specific job title at a specific company. They can find out the average base annual salary, or even see what stock options are offered or cash bonuses, on average, for a specific job title in a specific company. Employees and recent employees have shared thousands of salary reports on Glassdoor.

Interview Questions & Reviews: Here, job seekers can find out the interview process within a specific company – how long it may take, how difficult it is, what kind of interviews are conducted, and of most interest to job seekers – what interview questions actually get asked at companies – some from the most basic, to the downright bizarre. This section really helps job seekers prep for an upcoming interview and lets them know what to expect.

JobScope: Not only can job seekers search and find open job listings on Glassdoor, as they open a job requisite, Glassdoor also pairs that open job listing with the information they have from employees on the company; this way job seekers can immediately see how the company is doing in the eyes of its own employees. For example, I can view a “Software Engineer” job opening at Google, and have the option to read Google’s company reviews, its salary data, interview questions, and more.

Inside Connections: This is Glassdoor’s newest job seeking tool, just launched in February 2012. This tool allows job seekers to instantly uncover who they might know at a company they’re interested in working for – By knowing someone at a company, you have that ‘in’ to help get your resume noticed or give you more personal advice. How does this work? All you have to do is sign into Glassdoor via Facebook, and you’ll instantly uncover where all of your Facebook friends, plus all of THEIR friends, work. By uncovering this info, you can direct message them to help get your resume noticed.

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