Find the Right Cultural Fit

 Are you a good fit for your next job? You might have all the right skills and a string of accomplishments, but you still might not be the right person. This can be especially true if you are considering a position in the nonprofit sector.


Not everyone is the right cultural fit for a nonprofit. In addition to great skills and successful business experience, you need to like people, have plenty of patience, be willing to work hard, focus on the long-term picture, and always put the organization ahead of yourself if you want to be hired by a nonprofit.


To be a successful candidate for a nonprofit position, you will need to emphasize these attributes, and show significant volunteer and teamwork experience. That’s why getting your feet wet as a nonprofit volunteer is a great first step to see if you like to work in this sector, and this experience will expand your resume and help you determine whether you possess the right cultural fit.


A recent Bridgespan study focused on cultural fit. Although the study emphasized the cultural fit for a nonprofit, the basic premise exists for any job sector. I think you’ll find this Bridgestar article about cultural fit interesting: