When you go to work each day, you feel like you’re punching a clock. You lack passion for your work, a true love for what you do. You’ve heard “love what you do, and you’ll never work another day in your life,” but can’t imagine such a saying applying to you. You’ve thought a little about career reinvention, but don’t know where to begin.

Does the above scenario sound like you? If you’re not fulfilled with your current career, you might want to make a change. How do you determine which career to move to, and how to make the change?

One thing can help: listen to people interviewed in Aspire!’s Change made simple podcasts series. These are change artists who have been in your shoes, feeling what you’re feeling.  While these four professionals worked in fields ranging from finance to marketing, they all had one big thing in common — they felt unfulfilled and needed to make a change.

In the podcasts, you’ll hear these stories:

John Gentile on his career reinvention

John Gentile

John G. left a successful career as a business analyst to pursue his passions — art and design.

Nicole D. followed her interest in community engagement to work as a major gifts officer.

After taking time away from her career to raise a family, Rebecca A. leveraged her past experience in finance to work as a content consultant in the field.

Lance G. left the telecommunications industry behind to move to a profession he truly believes in — teaching.

Rebecca Albright on her career reinvention

Rebecca Albright


These professionals all had vastly different transformations and ways of finding new careers, from freelancing to volunteering. Yet, they all have surprisingly similar recommendations for you or anyone making a career transition.  Their best advice?

1. You can’t be afraid to change. The hardest move is often the very first, but by taking small risks and putting yourself out there, you’ll gain confidence and find opportunities.

2. A career counselor or mentor can help you make the transition. An experienced and impartial professional can give guidance and support.

3. Follow your passions and true interests.

To learn more about how the professionals moved to their new careers, listen to the podcasts here.