Most people probably think about leaving their jobs on a somewhat regular basis.  But is this just a natural fantasy that we occasionally have…or is it reality?  How do you know if it really is time to leave your job?  Here are some signs that your job may no longer be a good fit for you: 

  • Your talents are not being used to their highest potential
  • You’re not challenged enough and are no longer excited by your job
  • You’ve been feeling underappreciated for an extended period of time
  • You dislike your boss to the point of no repair
  • You’re tired of dealing with office politics
  • You’re taking home more than a reasonable about of work stress, more often than you should
  • Your values have changed and no longer align with what the company values
  • You don’t have the “Yeah, but its all still worth it” feeling when you get your paycheck

When thinking about these signs and whether or not it is time to move on, it is still important to also remind yourself of all the positives of your current job.  Naturally we often put more weight on the negative aspects, but you have to make sure you’re taking the positives into consideration as well.  Maybe you have flexible hours, or an easy commute, or are very well paid, etc.  Make sure you recognize those things and are ready to potentially leave them behind.  Make sure, as best you can, that the grass is going to be greener in your next situation.

And also be certain this isn’t a phase.  Most of us are likely to go through times where we hate our job.  Just be certain that it’s an overall pervasive and permanent feeling this time. 

But at the end of the day, even rock stars quite their jobs sometimes.  Sometimes a job just isn’t the right fit for you anymore and its time to start something new.

In Part 2 of this blog, I will look at some smart ways to approach exiting your current job, if you do make the decision to move on.