Power-Up Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Webinar program for Job Seekers, Career Changers, Rainmakers & Business Owners

This 4-part program will introduce you to the basics of personal branding and then help you discover your own personal brand—with a focus on differentiation, authenticity and relevance. In additional to uncovering your personal brand, we’ll teach you the basics of branding on LinkedIn that will have a huge impact on your employment prospects and on potential clients.

This program is action-based and leverages a blended learning format.

Our next program starts very soon. The first webinar is on May 19th, followed by June 9th and June 23rd.

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Personal Branding for LinkedIn

Are You LinkedIn to Success?

corporate-peopleLinkedIn is the go-to destination for career marketing. It’s the first place clients, colleagues and potential employers go to learn more about you. Be honest, do any of these ring true for you:

  • You haven’t updated your LinkedIn profile in years
  • Your profile is bland or “bare bones”
  • You’re having difficulty differentiating yourself
  • Employers or clients don’t instantly see the value you offer
  • Your profile has not generated very many views

Without a stellar LinkedIn profile, you’re limiting your success. It’s that simple.

This Personal Branding for LinkedIn is designed to help you discover your brand differentiation and then create a compelling profile. You’ll learn how to attract attention, grow your network and nurture relationships with your target audience.

During the group workshop, personal branding expert Randi Bussin shares LinkedIn secrets that you won’t learn elsewhere. You’ll learn all the tricks and techniques for making LinkedIn work for you, so you can propel your career to new heights.


The Personal Branding for LinkedIn Workshop is Right for You If…

You’re launching your career, you’re a rising leader, small business owner, consultant or executive. If you’re busy and want support to build a differentiated LinkedIn profile, but aren’t sure where to start, the Personal Branding for LinkedIn is right for you.

You are…

  • Looking to improve your career or business opportunities
  • Needing to connect with employers, clients or influential peers
  • Wanting to generate more income or sales

If you are looking to invest much more deeply in executive branding or have more intensive 1-to-1 coaching support, this program might not be for you. (Check out our VIP executive branding program).

Personal Branding for LinkedIn Overview

This comprehensive learning experience gives you the skills and support you need to build a top-notch, head-turning LinkedIn profile designed to increase your visibility and grow your thought-leadership network.

After this Personal Branding for LinkedIn group workshop you will:

  • Understand personal branding – what it is and how to leverage your professional reputation on LinkedIn
  • Know how to create a compelling LinkedIn headline that attracts your target audience
  • Get clear on the content you absolutely need in your summary to be found
  • Gain insights into why and how to use keywords effectively throughout your profile
  • Learn the top 3 ways to make your profile stand out from your peers’
  • Unleash the power of LinkedIn to help you do your job better
  • Be able to research clients and prospects – effectively and discreetly
  • Discover why being “lazy” can be the best tool for maximizing LinkedIn
  • Avoid the 3 LinkedIn “don’ts” that could harm your reputation and career potential
  • See how being ungrateful will produce a more accurate and compelling profile
  • Easily integrate LinkedIn activities into your daily do-list for a higher career presence

This workshop blends the best of individual and coach-led group learning:

working-soloIndependent Work

A 360Reach Premium Account – With this 45-day membership, you’ll have the opportunity to poll an unlimited number of colleagues, managers, employees, friends, family and networking contacts to gain critical insights about external perceptions. You’ll also receive a 20-page custom report and access to the 360Reach system for a full year.

On-Demand 20-Minute Video Coaching Module – Exclusive access to an on-demand coaching video by William Arruda, Personal Branding Guru, founder of Reach Personal Branding and creator of 360Reach. Designed to deepen your understanding of your 360 personal branding survey results, William will guide you through the report giving you the insights you need before you attend the group workshop.

A Comprehensive Workbook – This 20-page workbook helps you record your thoughts about the feedback you received. It was designed to help you reflect on your personal brand and public persona.

Coach-Led Group Work

group-work-2Two Workshops – During the first of these sessions, Randi helps you refine what you have learned about yourself in your 360 and how to turn that learning into action. You’ll be able to ask Randi questions and get clear on how to further develop your personal brand. You’ll also set and prioritize actions to move your brand, and your career or business, forward.

In the second workshop, you’ll learn how to use LinkedIn effectively to build and promote your brand. Randi will walk you through some exercises to help you start to develop branded content. You’ll discover how to research clients, competition and potential employers – to grow your network and take your career to the next level. Please note: These workshops are flexible, and may be adapted to be face-to-face or web-based.

Email Support – Every week throughout the Personal Branding for LinkedIn process, you’ll get helpful weekly emails. These support pieces contain tips, reminders and additional reading to ensure you maximize your learning and get the most out of this innovative program.


Isn’t It Time You Had The Career You Wanted?

This Personal Branding for LinkedIn group workshop is an excellent option for people who want to propel their career to the next level. Our next program starts very soon. The first webinar is on May 19th, followed by June 9th and June 23rd. All sessions will be recorded for those who can not attend all pf the webinars.

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Power-Up Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Webinar program for Job Seekers, Career Changers, Rainmakers & Business Owners


“Since starting this journey, Randi and I have completely revamped my resume and LinkedIn profile, mapping to my new career goals and brand ideals. My LinkedIn profile now has eye-catching “zing” to capture the reader’s attention, while still providing ample background on my experiences. Randi built out a comprehensive profile that uses applicable multimedia content that fully captures my brand story. Visits to my profile have tripled over the last few months, averaging 40 to 50 per week, and moving me up into the top 1% for views of employees at my firm.”

C Level Executive

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Randi through one of her workshops and I am so happy with the results which identify my brand persona. The process is comprehensive and the interpretation of the feedback is invaluable. With Randi’s advice, I have been able to change my peers and managers perception of me. I took risks, accepted challenges and committed fully to achieve a high level position. At this point I am expecting two job offers: one as a supervisor with direct reports and another as a contributing manager. This would not have happened if I hadn’t participated in Randi’s workshop on Personal Branding and followed her visionary advice.”

Job Seeker

“I worked with Randi to better understand and articulate my strengths as businessperson, designer and manager.  Randi encouraged me to think outside the box and to consider all aspects of my life as I assessed my current career and career goals. She gently encouraged me to face the reasons for some unsatisfactory work experiences and to take responsibility for the disappointing outcomes. The experience was transformative.  I have found within me an empowering voice, which gives me courage and confidence to take risks and to trust my abilities and expertise. I now envision many possible career paths. Randi is a kind encouraging and empathetic coach dedicated to her clients.”

Executive Job Searcher

“The personal branding assessment and coaching I received gave me new ways to think about myself and how I uniquely add value, as well as affirmed some of the assumptions I had about myself. I not only have the confidence that comes from self awareness to position myself, but I’m now able to tell one consistent story about my brand instead of floundering each time I’m asked to pitch myself.”

Career Changer