I have read a number of articles lately about LinkedIn, and one of the most recurring themes is how to get recruiters attention on LinkedIn. Company and independent recruiters don’t necessarily wait to view the job applications they receive on their website.  Many are now searching sites, such as LinkedIn, and looking for the right fit even before the position is posted, if it is at all.

To be viewed online by a recruiter early in the process, you must make your profile easy to find, and using keywords can be the key. Recruiters can search LinkedIn routinely on their own through the Advanced People Search, through recommended LinkedIn groups, and through the LinkedIn Recruiter service.

Search engines like these will look for keywords in various parts of your profile, especially in the Summary and Specialties sections. You can also sprinkle keywords in your professional headline and in the professional experience section where you highlight your accomplishments for each role you’ve had.

NOTE: If you are not sure which keywords to use, look at several job descriptions for roles you are interested in and qualified for; see which keywords potential employers are using. If you are making a career change, you can include keywords from both the career you are leaving and the newer field in which you are getting experience and perhaps getting trained.

Make sure that you don’t use abbreviations and words stuck together with slashes or hyphens. Abbreviations, such as exec, won’t work well. Use executive, instead. And, joining identifying words, such as Marketing/Creative/Manager/Sales likely won’t be picked up, too, in a recruiter’s search. So spell out those words, and separate them with spaces or commas.

Also, be sure to use up the available space that LinkedIn allots. You have up to 500 characters, with spaces, for keywords, which is more than enough room to include skills you possess, languages you speak, industry/market experience or international experience. You can even use this section to express a passion you have for a field in which you would like to move into.

Please remember to place your email address, phone number, and other contact information, such as a link to your personal website, in your summary section. Once your profile has been found, you will want the recruiter to be able to contact you easily.