You have completed several rounds of interviews and the company thinks you are a good fit for the job. How do you know if the job is a good fit for you?

It is exciting that the company find you to be an attractive candidate and you are thrilled by their offer. However, finding the right job is more than just a question of matching skills and values. People have a chance of succeeding where they fit the role and the organization and vice versa.

Setting the offer aside for a moment, have you asked yourself the right questions to make sure the job is a good fit for you?

Below are some questions you should think about before saying “yes”.

  1. What kind of work will I be doing? Will I be using skills that I want to use and develop going forward?
  2. What is motivating me to take this role? Intellectual challenge, financial reward, or making a difference? Will this opportunity be a good match for what I value in a job?
  3. What will my manager be like? What is his or her management style and does it fit with my preferred work style?
  4. What are my career and personal goals 3-5 years from now? How will this job bring me closer to meeting those goals?
  5. What kind of environment do I want to work in (physical and geographical)? What are the hours and expected amount of travel?
  6. How important to me is “lifestyle” and “work-life balance” in the overall equation? How well does the role fit with my needs in this area?
  7. What kinds of people do I want to work with? Are my future colleagues the type of people I want to work with?
  8. How mobile are people in this organization, either upwardly (promotions) or laterally (changes in job functions). How important is this mobility in managing my own career success?
  9. Finally, how will I be remunerated for this job? What is the minimum compensation I am willing to accept for this role? Are there any tradeoffs I am willing to make in terms of salary?