How to prepare for the interview you’ve always wanted

So, you’ve finally received the call you’ve been waiting for, and you’re going to interview with the company of your dreams. What do you do next? Panic!

Well, certainly that could be your first reaction, but it’s not necessary. There is plenty that you can do to relieve that sense of panic and prepare yourself to pull off your best interview ever.

Here are a few ideas that will get you ready for a peak performance:

  • Prepare. Of course, you knew this would be first. So, think about the questions you might be asked, what your answers would be, and how you can best emphasize why you would be a great match for both this position and company.
  • Practice. Write down your answers, and then practice them. Practice in front of your mirror, in your shower, while you’re driving, and, definitely, with a friend. Ask a friend to conduct a mock interview with you, during which you can practice your answers in a comfortable setting.
  • Research. Most companies have oodles of information about their operations, goals, direction, and personnel on their Web sites. Dig in, devour all of this information, familiarize yourself with the company, and then use it in your interview. A knowledgeable candidate makes for a good, new hire.
  • Question. Ask yourself what you want to know about this position and company. Compile a list of questions, so when you are asked if you have any questions, you won’t stumble because you’ll already have some good ones.
  • Relax. Above all, you want to be yourself in this interview, and you want your interviewer to be comfortable with you. You don’t have to recite memorized answers to your practice questions because, if you’ve completed these steps, you will be well-prepared for your interview. So relax, show confidence and enthusiasm, and go knock their socks off!