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Change Made Simple
Success and passion for work finally converge with John Gentile
As a business analyst at a major bank in Boston, John excelled at his career and earned raises and promotions — but he wasn’t fulfilled.

When John first began meeting with Randi Bussin, his career interests ran the gamut from law enforcement to the fitness industry to more creative pursuits. An artist at heart, he wasn’t using his creativity in his bank position.

Through working with Randi, John eventually decided on a career of 3D Animation and Interactive Media in the architecture field.

Listen to the podcast and find out how he made the switch.

NOTE: Since our recording, John has launched his own business. Check out his new website at:

John’s Key Takeaways
  1. When you choose a career, make sure it fulfills you AND uses your strengths.
  2. Surround yourself with positive people, not naysayers.
  3. Take risks and put yourself out there!