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Change Made Simple
A telecomm exec leaves marketing to mold young minds with Lance Gomes
Lance Gomes had achieved a successful career as a marketing manager at a telecommunications software company. His impressive resume, however, didn’t reflect a passion for what he was marketing.

Lance knew he wanted to impact his community, and enjoyed helping people when he tutored SAT test-takers or mentored graduate students. In time, he realized he was doing more than helping — he was teaching.

After gaining experience in the field, Lance landed the role of lead teacher in the Academy of IT at Haverhill High School. Lance’s goal now? To raise the bar in his teaching — and if tickets were sold, have his classroom always be “a full house!”

Listen to the podcast and learn the secrets of Lance’s transition.

Lance’s Key Takeaways
  1. A career counselor can help you see your situation from outside yourself.
  2. It’s easier to transition with people who are already “in the trenches.”
  3. Making the transition isn’t the end of your career growth by a long shot