Yesterday, I was editing some of the blog posts I had written recently. I sat down to have a cup of tea, to read The Boston Globe, and take a break.


I opened up the Careers section in yesterday’s Globe and one of the front cover articles was on LinkedIn. I have been advocating this tool for years with clients, and was pleased to see the front cover page coverage. I was intrigued. What were they going to tell me now?


Well, I already knew LinkedIn made a lot of money from corporate recruiters seats. Did you know that LinkedIn’s talent solutions business or recruitment accounted for roughly more than 50 percent of the firm’s $500 million in revenues last year (according to LinkedIn’s Mike Gamson, SVP of global solutions at LinkedIn). That is an impressive number!!!


So what does this mean for you, the job seeker, career changer, or solopreneur? It means opportunity, but it also means that your profiles need to be up to par. You have to consider LinkedIn as your personal branding tool. Getting LinkedIn right from a branding perspective takes time, so my suggestion is to make a few changes at a time.


Here are TWO LinkedIn MUST DOs from a branding perspective:


Make sure your LinkedIn headliner, which sits high on the LinkedIn profile, is more than just a job title, which is the default if you don’t change it. You want this headline of 120 characters to include as much about you, your interests, and your differentiators as possible, so that when a recruiter does a search, your name will pop up. Which headline do you think will get better results?


Collaboration Manager (what the heck does that mean?)




Digital Strategist & Advocate – Web & Internet | President MIT Club | Former Ranked Athlete


To do this, just click on Edit Profile and look for the link next under your name.



Make sure the right keywords are in your entire LinkedIn profile. Some individuals sprinkle a few keywords in the summary section of their LinkedIn profile, but ignore other sections in LinkedIn. Make sure your keywords are in your LinkedIn headline, the actual text of the summary section and in your Skills/Expertise section. One of my clients last year was recruited directly off of LinkedIn for a role and company he was not even considering because he had the keywords “Fluent Japanese” sprinkled throughout his profile.




His LinkedIn Headliner: Client Services Exec: Retool product and service lines to crack new markets and drive service subscription growth/market share | Fluent Japanese


Summary Section:

I also speak fluent Japanese and have lived and worked in Japan.


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