Torn jeans, a scruffy beard, a halter top with a plunging neckline, a variety of body piercings. Sure, all of these things might help you get noticed, but it might not be the attention you want if you’re attempting to land that important job.

The maxim, First Impressions Count, still applies in your job interviews. Is it fair if someone decides if you’re a viable candidate just on how you look? Of course not. But, if you are seeking a professional position, and not a job in a rap video, you must act and look professional.

Along with that firm handshake, confident demeanor, and the ability to concisely describe your attributes, you must be able to dress for success. Here are five tips that will help you make a great first impression in your job interview:

  1. Think in Multiples. If you’re a solid candidate for that desirable position, you’ll need more than one nice tie, suit jacket, or outfit to wear. So plan ahead. Make sure you’re prepared to dress well for several follow-up interviews.
  2. What Wears Well. While it’s important to know how most employees dress in your prospective workplace, you might still want to dress up a bit. If the office code is business casual, you nevertheless should present yourself in a jacket and tie for a man or a business suit for a woman for your job interview.
  3. Check It Out. Above all, please remember to check yourself out one last time before your interview whether it is in the car’s rear-view mirror, you own cosmetic mirror, or an office bathroom. Smeared lipstick, a crooked tie, or mussed-up hair can help form a sloppy first impression.
  4. Don’t Boot It. Although it’s at the very bottom, footwear also is very important. Make sure your shoes have a professional look, that they aren’t scruffy, unpolished, or have a hole in the sole, and, most importantly, match your outfit.
  5. Keep It Simple. The little things are important, too. So, keep your hair neat and trim, your nails trimmed and dignified (No black nail polish, please!), your cologne light and nontoxic, and don’t wear flashy jewelry, or chew gum.

There, now you’re presentable. Just keep in mind, when in doubt, look professional. You can’t go wrong.