There are a variety of definitions for an elevator speech or pitch, but they all revolve around making a quick, 30- to 90-second speech about yourself that informs and intrigues a prospective employer. Basically, it’s your opportunity to sell yourself or to make your best pitch.


Developing a good elevator speech can help you in job interviews, at job fairs, in networking, and in seeking promotions at your current firm. Here are 10 tips to make your elevator speech a quick ride to the top:


  1. Prepare. Think out what you want to say about your abilities if you had the chance to pitch yourself for a new job.
  2. Edit Thyself. Time your elevator speech, and then start editing it into a more concise and complete package.
  3. Practice. Practice does make perfect, so try your speech out in front of the mirror and in front of friends.
  4. Research Firms. Determine what your prospective company is seeking, and focus some of your speech in that direction.
  5. Be Sincere. Don’t say why you think you’re the greatest, tell them why you would be a good addition to their firm.
  6. Be Passionate. Talk from your heart, and explain why you have a passion for this work and/or company.
  7. Show Warmth. Try not to come across as too smooth, too precise, or too calculating. Be warm, and smile.
  8. Eye Contact. And, don’t be shy. Keep your head up, maintain regular eye contact, and be positive.
  9. Relax. It might seem impossible after reading all of this, but being able to relax during your elevator speech is essential. Be yourself.
  10.  End Strong. Don’t let your elevator speech trail off. Determine an ending that has you asking to make a follow-up call or requesting an interview.