This is the second of two blogs on co-branded employees, and how more new employees are being hired with a known personal brand and online presence. The first blog reviewed this issue from the employer’s side. This second blog looks at it from the employee’s perspective.


If you have an online presence, you immediately can be a great benefit to your new company. Your ability to promote your company and its products or services is unlimited. Yet, there are many precautions you need to take to ensure that you are doing good for yourself and your company, and that you aren’t doing anything to jeopardize your position in the company.


Here are five easy rules to follow to keep you in a positive position both online and in your office:


  • Learn the Rules. Find out what your company’s expectations are for when and where you can be online, and how you can best support your company, while at the same time advancing your own personal brand.
  • Align Your Brand to the Firm’s. Understand your company’s brand, and the image and words it wants to project.  And, then don’t stray too far from it with your personal brand. You want to stand for or represent similar goals/value, but in a way that is comfortable and authentic to you.
  • Pull Your Own Weight. Some of your co-workers won’t Tweet or have an online presence. It’s important that you don’t spend too much time advancing yourself and your company at the expense of your other work. This will lead to resentment.
  • Know Where You Stand. This is essential. You need to establish with your company who owns what online content. Any potential revenue from your endeavors also must be discussed and nailed down before you begin.
  • Be patient. This is a new world for your employer. Many firms are venturing forward with co-branded employees for the first time, and unrealistic expectations from you can hurt your chances for developing and advancing your online presence. Be patient in a way that you might have to slowly lead your company to living and operating successfully in a co-branded world.