More companies are looking at many additional facets of a prospective employee before making a hiring decision. At the top of this list is emotional intelligence, or the ability to function as an emotionally healthy employee.

While IQ certainly is still valued (companies do want to hire workers intelligent enough to make a difference), your EQ, or Emotional Quotient, might be the deciding factor in being hired or having your job application mired in quicksand.

How can you show a potential new employer that you have a high EQ? Well, you can make sure that you show emotional intelligence in your present job so it can be emphasized by your references and in your cover letter and interviews.

Here are 10 key points to show your prospective employer that you have emotional stability:

  1. Communication. The most important factor in your emotional quotient. If you can communicate, you can fit in anywhere.
  2. Consideration. Showing respect for your co-workers, supervisors, and in your collaborations with them is a great asset.
  3. Adjustments. It’s good to show flexibility and how you can adjust to new workplace, personnel, and project changes.
  4. Listening. Your ability to listen well to others is an important quality to possess and to demonstrate to a potential new employer.
  5. Enthusiasm. This attribute is one which you can easily display in an interview and can be easily conveyed by your references.
  6. Trust. How your co-workers feel about you is extremely important. Trust can’t be manufactured, you need to earn it.
  7. Patience. This is an ideal quality for a prospective employer to see in you. Make sure to use it in your job process.
  8. Helping. Showing how you have assisted co-workers by collaborating, leading, or supporting them in projects is valued highly.
  9. Challenging. Show how you have challenged yourself to step up and make a difference in your current workplace.
  10. Improvements. And, demonstrating how you have improved yourself personally, intellectually, and emotionally shows that you’d be a good hire.


So, basically, if you can show most or all of these attributes to a potential employer, you will have proven that you possess the emotional intelligence to work for them. If you can’t show these qualities, get to work today on improving your EQ. It might make all the difference in your job search.