Maybe you Should Test Drive Your New Career


When clients come to me for career transition work, we often get to a point in our coaching where the client wants to learn more about a field or occupation that they find appealing.  They are seeking to learn more about the realities of working in an occupation than they could get from reading a book or from speaking with individuals on an informational basis.


One way to try out a new career or occupation is to engage in volunteer work in the new field. This approach will place you in a position or organization that intrigues you. It will provide you with an unlimited view into how this type of work fits your interests, passions, and goals. And, it will provide you with insight as to whether your skills match up to this type of position. At the same time, volunteering can open up new networking avenues for you, which may be useful later if you decide to pursue this field


This might work for your schedule and commitments. However, if it does not, you might want to consider another option. Vocation Vacations ( is a company that organizes vacations that allow you to spend several days with someone working in an occupation you might want to pursue. The founder of Vocation Vacations, Brian Kurth, has written a wonderful book on this concept (link below), which describes how to use this avenue to test out a dream career. I just finished reading the book myself and wish I had know about this option when I made my own career change-it would have been helpful for me.