Networking and Personal Branding Go Hand in Hand

Last week, Dan Schawbel, a Personal Branding expert, wrote a fabulous post on Personal Branding, Social Media and recruiting approaches.

In summary, here are some points to take away (based on market research done by Jobvite):

1.       The web has broken down hierarchies, which makes it easier for employers to research candidates and for job seekers to reach employees in prospective firms.

2.       Companies are decreasing the use of more traditional hiring approaches-job boards, campus recruiting, third-party recruiting.

3.       Firms are using social media/networking to find candidates for jobs.  Ninety five percent of employers say they will use LinkedIn, followed by Facebook and Twitter.

4.       HR people are using social networks to research candidates.

What are some things you can do right away to increase your social media networking efforts:

1.       Get clear on your own Personal Brand and differentiators. You cannot express your Personal brand until you know what it is.

2.       Start networking-on and offline-this is the trend of the future, whether you like it or not.

3.       If you do not have a LinkedIn page, start working on one now. You can read, “I’m on LinkedIn Now What”, by Jason Alba to get started.

4.       Check your Google quotient and see where you land in the Google rankings.

To read Dan’s entire article, go to: