New Technological Industries Are Growing in Massachusetts


In the 1980s, Massachusetts was on the forefront of the high-tech boom. New industries blossomed along Route 128 and other major highways and cities, and they helped boost the state’s economic base from one dependent on early 20th century manufacturing plants to one featuring pre-21st century computer-oriented businesses.


Now, as we look to emerge from the worst recession in most of our lifetimes, the Massachusetts economy again is looking to make an impact on the future. Mass High Tech has documented five new emerging sectors that are growing the state’s economy with new technologies.


The five sectors are:


·      Medical robotics, where robots are being developed to assist with rehabilitation, surgery, and home health care.

·      Light-emitting diodes, semiconductors that produce light that offer advantages such as lower power consumption and longer life.

·      Electronic readers and displays, combining low-power consumption and lightweight size for applications such as electronic books, clocks, supermarket signs, and medical devices.

·      Telehealth, including networking, videoconferencing, database software and other technologies that enable health-care professionals to remotely monitor and track patients via computer systems.

·      Location-based applications, driven by the multitude of devices such as smart phones with GPS and wi-fi capabilities that consumers can’t wait to gobble up.


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