When someone Googles you, you need to make sure there is enough content on the Web about you (Volume) and that the content is consistent with how you want to be known (Relevance). Having a lot of Volume or content means that you have something important to say. But, Relevance is more important. It’s what people see about you on the Web, and how consistent it is with who you are in the real world.

If you have not yet used the Online ID Calculator to make sense of your Google results, now would be a good time to do so. If you are Digitally Distinct, which is where you want to be, then you have excellent Volume and Relevance results. 

If your results on Volume and Relevance are lower than you had hoped, here are some tips you can use to help improve these measures of online identity: 

Thought-Leadership Sites: These are a great way for you to showcase your brand and your areas of expertise. Ask your network which sites and publications they read to stay on top of your industry and job function. That’s where you should contribute content. 

Website or Blog: Your website or blog is the best way to increase relevance and volume, as they allow you to have total control over what content is published and how often. 

Use LinkedIn as Your Website: If you don’t have a personal website or blog, consider using LinkedIn to showcase your brand. With the changes LinkedIn has started to implement, you will, if you don’t already, have much more flexibility over your LinkedIn content and how it appears, including: 

  • Imbedding video clips in your profile. Check out mine for an example (http://www.linkedin.com/in/randibussin1 and click on view full profile at the bottom).
  • Imbedding PowerPoint slideshows. Check out my profile as well.
  • Rearranging LinkedIn sections to any order you want.

“You” hubs or Personal Portals: “You” hubs or personal portals such as about.me or flavors.me are a great, one-stop shop for you to include everything about you on the Web. You may add a nice headshot and bio with links to the content about you on the Web.

There are many great opportunities to increase your Web volume and relevance. Think about which actions you will take to do so, and, then, make it happen.