I have been advising you for several years about the importance of using social media in your job search. Social media is so important, not only for the networking advantage, but for the ability to express yourself, establish your brand, and make yourself an attractive candidate for the job that you want.

Job recruiters are increasingly getting on the bandwagon. Jobvite has documented the importance of social media in a survey of job recruiters. Jobvite recently released its sixth annual social media recruiting survey with results for 2013, and found that 94 percent of recruiters currently use or plan to use social media in their recruiting efforts.

Three years ago, Jobvite found in its 2010 survey, that for the first time the number of recruiters who had made a hire through a social network had surpassed 50 percent. In 2010, that number reached 58 percent. In this year’s survey, the number of recruiters who made a hire through a social network has jumped to 78 percent.

Recruiters are finding that the time it takes to hire new talent is much shorter. They also are discovering that the quality and quantity of candidates is greater, as is the quantity and quality of the employee referrals that they can find on social networking sites.

The reasons for the increase are obvious. Recruiters can find what they want through social networks. And, the cost is a lot less than more traditional methods, such as hiring headhunters. Their return on investment is why finding job candidates through social media networks is so worthwhile.

Many recruiters told Jobvite that they are spending less than $1,000 a month on social recruiting. Yet, 60 percent of the recruiters surveyed estimate the value of hiring a new employee can be as much as $20,000 a year. And, another 20 percent estimate the value could be as much as $90,000 a year. So, be assured social recruiting will become even more important in the future.