Some good news, please!!! Are there careers that are growing?


With the media deluging us with stories of collapsing financial markets, I know I could use a little bit of good news-what about you?. Are there any career opportunities out there that promise growth?


U.S. News and World Report published a fascinating report recently on what they call “ahead-of-the-curve careers. This article explores careers, which are relatively new but offer mid-term growth potential.


These careers stem from six megatrends which are driving the economy. The trends and resulting new career options are:


  1. Growing healthcare demand, creating jobs for health informatics specialists, patient advocates and wellness coaches.
  2. The increasingly digitized world, creating opportunities for data mining specialists and simulation developers.
  3. Globalization and the emergence of Asia as a region are driving the need for Asian business development specialists, offshoring managers and immigration specialists.
  4. Clinical genomics is creating the need for computational biologists and behavioral geneticists.
  5. The trend toward environmentalism is driving green careers and a newer field called green consulting.
  6. Fear of future terrorist attack is likely to create more jobs in the area of emergency planning.


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