Have you recently been laid off and your outplacement is running out? Or have you been out of work for a while, but despite all your marketing efforts and interviewing you are not landing a job?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, you might be interested in joining a new group (Career Success Circle) I am starting on January 28th (revised date), with another local coach (Monica Brunaccini: Leadership and Career Coach www.monicabrunaccini.com)

The Career Success Circle is a face-to-face group program and will help you:

·         Develop the skills required to job search in today’s competitive landscape.

·         Build momentum quickly toward landing a job!

·         Make tangible progress toward your goal of getting a job.

·         Be part of a supportive group that can help you see your barriers to success and encourage you as you take steps forward.

·         Be held accountable by the collective wisdom of a group and two seasoned coaches.

·         Learn how to increase your visibility, and articulate your unique brand to employers.

To learn more about the group, go to: