If you’re looking for a new job in 2011, expect to have some company. Whether you’ve been out of work for a while, or currently employed but looking for a better position or a career reinvention, you won’t be alone in the job market.


In fact, last year’s tough economy, layoffs, and high unemployment rate have had a double-barreled effect on the 2011 job market. Not only are there many potential job-seekers still unemployed, but many others who are working have become disgruntled at their workplace and they will be looking for a new job, too.


Because many companies have been working their employees too hard during these tough times, employee engagement has fallen. Now that the economy is showing some signs of improvement, these unhappy employees will be considering leaving their companies in droves. And, that will place them right in the job market with you.


What that means is there will be more competition on the street for jobs that are available. So, if you think you’ll be looking for a new job in 2011, what should you do? First, you will need to be prepared, and more importantly, differentiated from the field in a crowded job market.


You can’t be just like any other job applicant. You must stand out from the crowd by accentuating your experience, your expertise, your commitment, your volunteer experience, your degrees, professional development and your Personal Brand. You will need to focus on demonstrating how your brand delivers value and ROI will align with the corporation’s business goals and help the firm succeed.