Happy New Year and best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2014!
After authoring this blog for over five years, I thought it would be fun to start off the year with something NEW-a guest blogger. Phil Ayoub is a current Aspire! client in the midst of a career reinvention. Phil, an eclectic MBA, recorded musician, radio show host, and uber creative type, is exploring writing as a new career path. When Phil and I were in the early stages of our assessment work, he shared some writing pieces that he had written for his musical newsletter. I was literally “cracking up” as I read his material. I suggested that he consider writing as a path to explore.
Over the past three months, he has been writing blog posts for other blogs and they have been very well received. Phil has offered to write about the “career reinvention” process from a client’s perspective.
I’ll let you experience his humor over the next 6 blog posts!
By guest blogger Phil Ayoub 
We interrupt your regularly scheduled Aspire! blog with a guest blogger!

As one of Randi’s clients, I will be posting a few entries in a series that takes you “behind the scenes” of what it’s like to be the client of a career change coach.  What follows in this post are parts 1 and 2 in a…well, hopefully not-too-many part series (cause I hope to have a job or career soon which would eliminate the need for coaching!).

Part 1: The Question

“What is a Career Change Coach?”

Up until recently any conversations I’d had regarding a career change were pretty much, well, exactly like this Seinfeld exchange between George and Jerry:


Right down to the sports and talk show ideas, as a matter of fact.   

But a few months ago I was made aware that there’s more help out there than just what Jerry Seinfeld can offer (who knew?!).  There are indeed people who have experience in this and know how to help navigate and guide someone through a successful and satisfying career change.  Imagine how different George Costanza’s life would have turned out if Jerry had just suggested he call Randi Bussin! 


Part 2: The Realization…and The Admission

There was a time when I thought I could do everything myself.  And I pretty much could.  Get back into shape?  Sure, give me a gym membership and the Rocky 4 soundtrack on my Walkman and in two months I’ll meet you on Revere Beach in my Speedo*

*Disclaimer: Creative license may be used from time to time in this blog entry.  Author has never worn a Speedo.  Well, not in public, anyway.


Get a job?  Not a problem either.  Whatever the task was, I would just tell myself “I know what it takes to get it done.  I don’t need anybody’s help.  I just have to do it.”  And I would.

Well, it’s taken 5 or 6 years, but I’ve finally come to acknowledge that this is no longer the case for me.  I’ve realized, and I’ve finally admitted, that I do in fact need help.  So at the suggestion of friends, I have turned to a career change coach.  I have turned to Randi.  This first step is a very important one for anyone who is thinking they might be happier going down a different path in their career.  It has taken me too long to realize that I am not able to make the adequate changes I need to make to find my next career.  But to use one of those dreaded clichés, better late than never.

(Side note: I’ve also started to work with a personal trainer as well, but that’s not really important to this blog.  I do, however, still listen to “Eye of the Tiger” on my Walkman)