By Guest Blogger Phil Ayoub


Part 8: Friends and Family

Inevitably, of course, you will tell people that you are in the middle of the process of transitioning from one career to another, which is as yet an unknown one.  To that, many will say “Oooh, that’s exciting!”

Well…it’s not (It’s scary!). 

And you will also find that those who know you’ve recently begun working with a career change coach will ask “How’s it going?!  Find anything yet?!” say, within the first month or so of you starting the program (It reminds me of when I recorded my second album.  I told a friend I was starting the recording the next day.  Two weeks later she asked me if I’d finished it.  It takes more than two weeks to make an album and it usually takes more than a month or two to find a new career).  Oh and of course they’ll continue to ask you every time they see you, followed by them telling you what THEY THINK you should do.   

Working with Randi has been like talking to a friend…but one who has more than just a friendly interest in your future.  She has been able to approach my situation with an excellent balance of getting to know and understand me, with the appropriate amount of objectivity and distance that I need in finding a direction.

As an added bonus, she makes a fantastic blueberry/raspberry/mixed berry lemonade-iced tea!!! (Her daughter’s secret recipe!)  


Part 9: The End???

Well…I’ll let you know when I get there 🙂

But in the meantime I’ll enjoy working with Randi, and receiving the benefit of her help and guidance.  With my varied background, I may be Randi’s greatest challenge yet!  But I am confident, and yes believe it or not even excited, that with her help I will find the right path and the right landing spot for me and my career.  And after succeeding with me, she may even be qualified to change her title from “Career Change Coach” to “Miracle Worker!”