By Guest Blogger Phil Ayoub


Part 7: The David Copperfield (aka The Doug Henning, aka The Criss Angel, aka The Siegfried and Roy, aka Any Magician You Can Think Of) 

And now it’s time to look at the resume.  You know, the one that hasn’t been updated (or even looked at) since around 2004.  So you dust that thing off (probably even have to check on your “old” computer for it…or wait, be honest, is yours on a floppy disk???) and realize that now it actually has to be updated.  Might be easy for some people.  But what if you’ve been, say, an independent musician all this time, like me?  How do you deal with THAT?!  How do you turn 9 years of singing and writing songs into something that sounds impressive and would excite someone about hiring you?

The answer?  Magic.

The magician?  Randi.

(Cue Steve Miller song “Abracadabra”) 

OK, so maybe it’s not quite magic, but it’s close.  Because it can indeed sometimes be difficult to maximize the impact and impression of your previous experience.  By hiring a professional like Randi, she’ll help you accentuate the skills in what you’ve done on your resume, and don’t forget your LinkedIn profile as well.  You’ll probably even find yourself surprised as connections and talents start to appear and things start to fill in and look pretty good (Hey, maybe I AM qualified for something!).  

You may remember back in Part 1 I referenced Seinfeld.  Well, this is another way in which that “show about nothing” also relates to working with a career change coach (not that there’s anything wrong with that!).  As George Costanza once said, “You know, if you take everything I’ve accomplished in my entire life and condense it down into one day, it looks decent!”  

Using Randi and her “magic,” the last 9 years of my life condensed on my resume definitely look decent!