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Writing Thank-You Notes

You just completed a great round of interviews with a prospective employer. Should you write a thank-you note? Absolutely! Sending a customized thank-you note is a critical piece in your job search toolkit. It is an opportunity to reiterate your interest in the position and company and to sell your qualifications. Here are a few tips to help you write a thank-you note:


1. Don’t exclude anyone. Write thank-you notes to the HR contact, your prospective manager, and any other employee who interviewed you. Personalize your thank-you note to the discussion you had with each individual; you don’t know whose assessment carries the most weight.


2. Choose a method. Be prompt. You can either e-mail or snail mail your thank-you notes. Use your judgment as to the preferred communication method of the person with whom you interviewed. Both methods are effective; in either case, send the note within a few days of the interview.


3. Demonstrate your listening skills. When you write the note, refer to the discussion you had with the interviewer and demonstrate that you understand what needs to be done in the role.


4. Sell yourself. Use your thank-you note to pitch your strengths and unique qualifications. Use your accomplishments (in bullet or paragraph format) to drive the points home.


Calls to Action/Discussion Points


1. Do your thank-you notes reinforce your best qualifications and skills? If not, how could you improve them so your notes will increase your odds of moving to the next step?


2. Do you consistently send follow-up thank-you notes to every person you met?


3. Are you customizing your thank-you notes and demonstrating that you understand the company’s goals and challenges?


4. Do you proofread your notes to make sure there are no typographical and grammatical mistakes?


5. Do you have nice stationery on which to write your notes?


Online Advice and Tools

If you are interested in learning more about this subject, follow this link to an excellent article by CareerJournal on writing thank-you notes.

Write a Thank-You Letter That Helps Clinch an Offer


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