I have been getting alot of questions recently from clients in the Financial Services sector about whether they need to rethink a new industry in which to work.

My response is that if the economy has affected your industry and it looks like employment prospects might be dim, it is probably a good idea to target growth industries. Health care, high-tech, green and clean energy and life sciences are industries that still have a lot of steam in them.

However, before you leap into a new industry, you’ll have to be prepared:

1. Follow your passion. Find an industry that interests you so that there will be a level of excitement and passion for the products/services.

2. Do your homework. Learn as much about the industry as you can through professional associations, training or even reading industry guides such as Vault and Wetfeet.

3. Identify your transferable skills. You need to identify your transferable skills and strengths and what your core differentiators are. What makes you stand out among the crowd of other potential candidates?

4. Develop your marketing package. Once you know what your unique promise of value is, then create a comprehensive marketing package highlighting your value, including a resume, leadership profile, LinkedIn profile and an elevator pitch.