I did a vision board a few years ago when I was working with a life coach. Although I was reluctant at first to do one, I found it was a really fun experience and has served me well. My vision board is in my bedroom, strategically placed where I can see it daily and absorb its messages several times a day.


Several of the desires that I have expressed on the board have come true. And, I have tried this technique with some clients, too, and it has worked for them. So, let me tell you what a vision board is, and how it might work for you.


A vision board is basically some type of a poster board that you set up or prop up in a very visual location, such as your bedroom, a sitting area, your kitchen, or even your office. It should be somewhere that you spend a lot of time, and a place where you might pause for deliberation. It also should be placed in a spot that is comfortable for you. If you want to keep this exercise private, don’t place your vision board in your office.


On your vision board, you should attach images, photos, words, and phrases that are meaningful to you and that would inspire you. Basically, this board should be a visual representation of the things you want in your life, what you want to accomplish (both professionally and personally), and the goals you want to achieve.


Your vision board doesn’t have to be a thing of beauty. No artistic skills are needed. You just need to express what’s important to you. The images and words on your vision board should invoke your passions, and make you think positively about yourself and what you can accomplish.


The purpose of the vision board is to activate the law of attraction. The law of attraction says that we attract into our lives anything we give attention to, whether it is negative or positive. When you create a vision board and put it somewhere where you can see it, you program your psyche to attract what you desire and then make it happen.


So think about what you would like to achieve and start putting your visions into place!