“Randi provided me with a clear and achievable road map and her direct and caring style quickly earned my trust. She’s a master at her craft.”

VIP Executive Branding Program

What got you to where you are today won’t take you to your next level!

If you’re reading this, you’re probably working in a hyper-competitive and ever-changing workplace. An abundance of high-performing professionals are vying for the same clients, career opportunities and promotions. And it’s becoming more competitive by the day. You know what it takes to succeed in business. You’ve worked hard and you know you possess that certain something—that particular combination of skills, talents and experiences that got you to where you are today. Now, you need to ensure that others know it too. That they experience your professional impact. That they understand exactly who you are, what you offer, and what you can do for them. If they don’t, you can’t move forward; in fact, you might even slide backward. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Want More Professional Impact? Think Executive Branding!

Personal branding tells a story about what you bring to the table—it breathes life into a stale bio, a flat resume or a ho-hum LinkedIn profile that sits idle on the web. With personal branding you can get laser-like clarity about who you are and your ROI. Bottom line, you’ll stand out from your competitors in an over-crowded marketplace and attract the opportunities and or the clients you want.

Personal branding helps you have more impact and joy in your work, your life and your community. Here is how it works:

  • You get clear about who you really are, what you want, how you want to live your life, and how you want to contribute to the world
  • You become more aware of (and more comfortable with) your unique talents and authentic leadership style
  • Your find the role that is the best fit for who you are and where you want to go
  • You create a compelling presence, raise your visibility as an expert, and stay relevant with your target audience(s)
  • You infuse your career marketing materials (résumé, bio, LinkedIn and more) with undeniable appeal and drawing power for the people who can help you attain your goals
  • You take charge of your career and increase your earning power
"Randi provided the structure and expertise to help me figure out what I wanted and how to effectively market myself."

“Randi provided the structure and expertise to help me figure out what I wanted and how to effectively market myself.”

The VIP Program is Right for You If…

You’re innovative, cutting edge, ambitious, eclectic and maybe even a bit quirky. You’re a busy senior executive, consultant, rainmaker or business owner and don’t have the time and/or knowledge to do this on your own. You are…

  • Looking for more career fulfillment and opportunity
  • Launching your company or rebranding your business to take it to next level
  • Wanting more visibility and more revenues or income

The VIP Program is right for you if you want a customized, comprehensive approach and don’t have time, energy or inclination to do it all yourself. In the VIP program, you’ll work with Randi Bussin, a recognized Master Personal Branding expert and certified career coach. However, if you want the 1-to-1 support of a master-level coach and brand consultant, and also need a program you can do at your pace, then consider our DIY + Coaching program. If you are highly collaborative, appreciate the insights of others and/or on a limited budget, our group workshop, Personal Branding for LinkedIn, would be an ideal choice. linked-in-graphic

VIP Program Overview

exec-man-1This work is an investment you make in you – your career, your life, your world. You build more confidence, courage and resiliency. But… First you need to know how to talk about who you are and what you’ve done. And even for the most successful people, that’s hard. That’s why Aspire’s VIP program was specifically designed for executives, consultants and entrepreneurs just like you. Based on more than a decade of experience with hundreds of clients, it’s a structured, comprehensive approach that complements and focuses your career vision. Every successful executive and business owner knows the power of collaboration. You’ll work side-by-side with Randi to understand your career and brand, refine your goals and co-create your branded career collateral. Like important business decisions, personal branding can’t be rushed. It takes time. It is a deep, powerful, thought-provoking process tailored to your individual needs. Our programs include a combination of all, or some, of the following components:

  • Extensive career and brand coaching for laser focus (includes in-depth brand/career assessments and analysis)
  • Identification of your career success criteria (what you need to be happy/fulfilled)
  • Clarity about the influencers and target audiences (who needs to know you)
  • Coaching on your marketing portfolio including:
    • Development of branded career success stories and accomplishments
    • Résumé coaching with a emphasis on differentiation and ROI
    • A highly compelling elevator pitch(s)
    • Comprehensive LinkedIn development (with branded summary and multimedia content)
  • Social media training/strategy to extend your brand, grow your network, and increase visibility
  • Identification of desired area of thought leadership, a media plan to communicate it and ideas to get you started
  • Ongoing career/business coaching and personal brand support

Are you ready to propel your career and personal brand to new heights? Contact Randi today to arrange your complimentary 60-minute consultation. We’ll talk about your current career or business situation, the VIP process, and explore whether we are a good fit.

“Randi’s high engagement and methodical approach has helped me refine my goals, target specific actions, and significantly grow my professional services’ practice. She brings deep business insight as a former executive and entrepreneur, along with extensive training in personal branding and career coaching. Randi’s talents clarifying commitments and driving accountability put her in a league of her own.”

Business Owner

“Based on a referral from a professional colleague, I retained Randi Bussin for her VIP Personal Branding program. I was looking to better align my work with my passions, and to boost my leadership presence and visibility within my firm and the broader energy intelligence industry. I’ve gained clarity on the work and role that will “feed my soul” as well as a better view of how others perceive me, both internally and externally. More importantly, I now clearly understand the value I deliver within my firm and the direct impact on the firm’s ongoing success. If you are struggling to gain career clarity and improve your personal brand, I highly recommend that you let Randi help guide you on that journey!”

C-Level Executive