Online Screening and Assessment

I read a very interesting article recently on the use of Web-based screening and assessment tools as part of the hiring process. I found this article fascinating and wanted to share the information with you.

Most medium- and large-sized organizations have adopted or will adopt an applicant tracking system; it should be noted that these systems do not evaluate candidates’ effectiveness for the roles for which they are applying.

Firms are increasingly using hiring tools as part of their standard hiring process. These tools could include personality questionnaires or qualifications screening. Sixty-two percent of the firms surveyed by Rocket-Hire’s annual usage survey said at least one online assessment tool was used to sort out candidates early in the hiring process.

Other online assessment tools also are becoming popular for more in-depth evaluation of a candidate later in the hiring process. In addition to the assessment mentioned above, other tools can include assessment to determine the “fit” within a company or a cognitive assessment which evaluates verbal and quantitative skills.

It also is worth noting that firms do perform background investigations and checks on criminal records, candidate’s backgrounds, skills, knowledge, and certificates.

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