When working with my clients (either job seekers or small business owners) on their personal brand, the topic of color often arises. This happens as we get to the Express phase of the Personal Branding process and we begin to talk about expressing the client’s brand attributes on their business cards and on websites or blogs.


Color is a very powerful personal branding tool and is an important part of your brand identity system. When you think about choosing a color, chose one or several colors that best reflect your brand attributes AND that also are appropriate for your target audience. NOTE: A graphic designer can help with the process of color selection.  Once you have chosen these colors, you can apply these colors to your business card, website, clothing, and office environment; they should be a visual representation of who you are, what you offer and what is authentic about you.


Here is a great video on www.personalbranding.tv that discusses different colors and the brand attributes they stand for: